Feeding The Boston Terrier

Diet is an integral and vital part that can determine the quality of health of your Boston terrier. A healthy diet will reap its benefits in the long run and reward the dog with shiny eyes, shiny coat and lots of energy. A happy dog can be easily spotted with its attitude and calm nature.

Today there are markets that are full of dog food that might give you a daunting time in choosing the best one for you Boston terrier. But when it comes to feeding the Boston terrier, there are certain things that you should consider. Always buy the food that comes of the highest quality. Visit a veterinarian to get some advice regarding the best food for the Boston terrier.

Choosing The Best
Recently the dog food too has not been spared of adulteration and the use of artificial ingredients like fillers or chemicals that can very well damage your dog’s health. However, you do get quality food in the market, but with a price. The best food always comes with a high price tag, thus keeping the buyers away. One must look out for quality food at reasonable prices. These food companies are always competing with their counterparts for getting the bulk share in the market. Food companies that meet the AAFCO standards should only be considered. Look out for food that many contain preservatives like BHA and BHT.

Homemade Food
Considering homemade food is also a good option for your Boston terrier. However, preparing dog food at home needs professional services of a nutritionist or pet dietitian. Homemade diets come with the best ingredients like bones, lean meats and organs. Certain vegetables too can be added to the diet of the dog like the ancient grains, which fulfill the nutritional demands of the energetic Boston terrier. Some of the inexpensive food, but nutritious can also be given at home like the lamb and turkey necks, chicken feet and gizzards, beef tendons, etc.

Always prefer natural ingredients and avoid canned food and kibbles that contains wheat or corn, which are reasons for the dogs emitting gasses. Rely mainly on meat, rice and potatoes. Hard foods too are beneficial for a Boston terrier. Hard food can contribute to strong teeth that scan render less teeth problems. Soft food may cause foul smell from the breath along with tooth decay. These energetic dogs have a large appetite, but one should also be careful in avoiding obesity in the dog.

Lastly, clean and fresh water should always be made available for the dog.